Motor Mouth Speech & Language

Our Little Studio

Our cozy eco-friendly studio was built in 2012. With hydronic in-floor heating to keep little feet toasty warm through the winter, and massive, east-facing windows to let in natural light, the therapy space is a warm and inviting place for children to learn and grow. The natural flooring is made of Adobe (essentially dirt!), and natural oils and waxes were used to freshen up the floors. From the steel roofing and siding, to the custom crafted cherry and glass doors, Motor Mouth’s studio has a modern edge, while keeping a warm and relaxed feel both inside and out.

The wooden toy cupboard was reclaimed from an abandoned barn and a matching hutch was built by a close family member. This cupboard has changed hands throughout the family for many years and has found its final resting place in Motor Mouth’s studio! The children’s table and chairs were purchased second hand, in keeping with the owner’s commitment to reusing materials whenever possible. Finally, the studio is filled with plants and a woven fibre rug to make floortime play as comfortable as possible for Motor Mouth’s tiny clients.