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Keeping You and Your Family Safe

As a regulated health professional, Marnie must provide virtual care rather than in-person sessions wherever possible. She must also limit the number of in-person sessions provided for the safety of Motor Mouth clients and their families. In the event that Marnie will be visiting your home for in-person sessions, she will implement the following safety precautions:

Point of Care Risk Assessment VIEW

COVID-19 Screen

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. If Marnie is closer than 6 feet to clients or caregivers who screen negative for COVID-19 she will wear a surgical/procedure mask, a clear mask approved by Health Canada or a face shield which covers below the chin.
  2. In cases where 6 feet of physical distance between Marnie and the participants can be maintained for the entire visit, PPE need not be worn (Public Health Ontario).
  3. The Ministry of Health does NOT require masks for toddlers or preschool children during speech-language therapy sessions. Masks are required for school-age children, if tolerated. They can remove their mask if Marnie needs to see their face as part of the assessment or treatment process.
  4. If deemed safe after performing a point of care risk assessment, Public Health Ontario allows face shields to be worn instead of masks when the child needs to see Marnie’s face or mouth (this is common during speech therapy sessions).
  5. Parents or caregivers must wear masks (homemade, cloth or other).
  6. Marnie will wear gloves if there is a need to touch your child’s face or mouth.


  1. Marnie will conduct hand hygiene before, during, and after the home visit.
  2. When possible, at least 6 feet of physical distance between Marnie and the participants will be maintained.
  3. Only one parent or caregiver may attend the session - all other people in the home must be in a different room
  4. In-person sessions will be cancelled in the event that clients, Marnie, or anyone in their respective families, have symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19. Online sessions will be offered in these cases, or in-person sessions rescheduled when the public health mandated self-isolation period has lapsed.

Adapted from CASLPO’s Pandemic Practice Advice: Personal Protective Equipment

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